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Selection of Centres / Clinicians

There are currently 66 centres open to recruitment including eleven adult centres.

Each participating centre (and Investigator) has been identified on the basis of:

  • Having at least one lead clinician with a specific interest in, and responsibility for supervision and management of patients with CF
  • Showing enthusiasm to participate in the study
  • Ensuring that sufficient time, staff and adequate facilities are available for the trial
  • Providing information to all supporting staff members involved with the trial or with other elements of patient management
  • Acknowledging and agreeing to con-form to the administrative and ethical requirements and responsibility of the study including adhering to GCP and other regulatory documentation.

The trial team are keen to involve all centres in the UK and internationally that are interested in answering this important question. If you are considering participation and would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us (see “Contacts” section for further details).

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Comment from Dr Ashwini Kotwal, Principal Investigator based at Hull Hospital:

“It feels good for us to be useful in this kind of research, we have experienced no real problems and the patients want to help with CF research. Working on this study has strengthened relationships within the CF multidisciplinary team and our success with recruitment would not have been possible without the help and support of the physiotherapists and microbiologists. I would also like to add my praises for our research nurse who keeps us on track with paperwork and is great with patients and parents alike!"




Team at Hull enjoying TORPEDO chocolates provided as a thank you to the site that recruits every 10th patient. Nov 2014


Comment from Dr Kevin Southern, Principal Investigator based at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital:

“...we have found the families very enthusiastic and keen to be involved in a trial that is guiding future CF care for children not only in the UK but around the world. I think families appreciate the pragmatic design which complements their standard clinic visits and it compares very favourably with other CTIMP studies with respect to the amount of work for the local team.”


Comment from Dr Tim Lee, Principal Investigator at Leeds General Infirmary:

"Having recruited two young people with CF attending our paediatric centre, I must say I have been very impressed how straightforward and easy the enrolment and randomisation process is for this study. Our patients are very interested in the study and motivated to contribute to establishing the evidence we need to work out which of these two eradication regimens is most effective.”